What You Need To Know About When Buying Oakley Replacement Lenses

So you’re looking to buy Oakley replacement lenses? That’s great because today I’ve written an article that will I give you tips and information that I’m sure will be very helpful to you when buying Oakley replacement lenses.

Buying Oakley replacement lenses provides you with a lot of benefits from being able to pair up your sunglasses with your clothing style to having the convenience of easily switching lenses for maximum effect on your desire usage. First I’m going to discuss why Oakley replacement lenses are a great value for your money. Next, you’ll find out the numerous features that the lenses provide and finally, I’ll make you an informed buyer by giving you special buying tips.

You may be asking yourself if buying an extra set of Oakley lenses is a wise decision and I can tell you that the answer is an astounding yes. Oakley replacement lenses mostly come with an extra pair of lenses which is really great if you use your sunglasses a lot and it’s inevitable that they might be damaged or broken. That’s great because you don’t have to worry about going through the day and getting your eyes glared which causes headaches most of the time. In addition to that, a lot of extra lenses will give you the felixibility to match the tint of the lenses with your wardrobe. For your kind information, DesignerOptics.com is the best place to buy glasses online & buy Oakley lenses online.

Next let’s talk about what makes Oakley replacement lenses special. One of the most convenient thing about them is that you can choose your new replacement lenses from any Oakley authorized optical center and they will take care of everything. You just have to choose the lens color and that’s it, they’ll take care of everything for you. You don’t have to wait long and you’ll be getting your new look in no time. Another great feature about Oakley lenses is that they’re very clear lenses. Oakley has spent a lot of effort into designing a lens that refracts light in all the right directions providing you with the best vision and eye protection. Oakley lenses are also impact resistant. That means you don’t have to be concerned when playing sports like baseball and be worried that if the ball hits your Oakley glasses it might shatter and damage your eyes. Also, your eyes are 100% protected from UV rays of the sun so that makes it a great accessory when spending a lot of time outdoors.

Finally let’d talk about buying tips. First of all you have to know what type of frame is your sunglasses because Oakley made special frames for it’s asian market. The lenses for asian fit frames won’t fit in the regular Oakley frames. It’s a good idea to bring your frame to the optical clinic whehn buying. I’d also like to mention that not all lenses are created equal and some get scratches more than the other types. Take the Oakley Iridium lenses for example. They pass strict standards for optical clarity and impact resistance. The Iridium coating also improves the contrast and features increased visibility of shadow details. The downside of it is that they are very sensitive lenses and scratch easily compared to other lenses. I’ll be writing another article about lens types so be sure to bookmark our website. Thanks and happy lens buying!